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Animate Your Journey

Turn videos into captivating animations effortlessly
with MovAI's innovative AI

*No credit card required

How it works?

1. Upload your video​

  • Max 30 MB

  • No more than1minute

  • No explicit content

  • For best results, look for videos with clear, plain background with less movement​

2. Add your prompt

  • A man in corporate suit in New York, disney style

  • A white cat, studio ghibli style, anime, 8k, high resolution

3. Enter Email & Submit

  • Make sure you enter your email right

  • You will receive your video via email

  • The video processing would take few hours depending on demand


How long does it take to process my video?

Processing typically takes few hours. During peak times, it might extend up to a day due to limited compute resources.

Where will my video be utilized?

Your video aids in AI-generated video creation and will be promptly deleted afterwards.

What’s the best kind of video to send?

Videos that have a simple background and don’t move too much. And please, no naked stuff.

How long is the video you make?

We only use the first 1 minute to save resources. So, it’s best if you cut your video to 1minute before sending it. The output video will also have no audio.

Can I send any size video?

We can only take videos up to 30MB to keep things running smoothly.

I didn’t get an email from you. What should I do?

Look in your spam folder. It might be there!

Do you help businesses too?

Yep! If you’re from a business, email us at

Turn Your Videos into an AI Masterpiece

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